What is Arsāpio?

Arsāpio is a newsletter unlocking the value of artistry in business.

Right now, with a robust supply of available artists due to the pandemic, that means:

  1. Helping artists launch new and additional careers, while

  2. Helping organizations activate the added value that artists (now in supply) provide.

How it works

Think of Arsāpio as an ongoing interdisciplinary course for artists and businesses. With a mix of theory and practice, and free and paid content, we’ll:

  1. Break down the myths around art and business,

  2. Connect art and business by exploring what they (surprisingly?) have in common, and

  3. Implement practical suggestions for putting this knowledge to work.

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You might subscribe if you’re:

  • someone who knows an artist looking for new career opportunities (in which case, give them a gift subscription),

  • a businessperson scouting for unconventional candidates with hidden powers, or

  • someone who likes exploring what different fields have in common.

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About the Author

Derrick Wang is a creator, thinker, and advisor unlocking value in unlikely places. A Harvard- and Yale-educated composer who was also a lawyer in private practice, he created Scalia/Ginsburg, the acclaimed interdisciplinary opera that Ruth Bader Ginsburg called “a dream come true.” He teaches music and law at the Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University.

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